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How to prepare the New Year's table?

The question of ... is a question that many people start looking for an answer with the approach of the New Year's Eve. If your New Year's home decoration is complete, if you have decorated your Christmas tree, and if you have already received your gifts, the only thing left is to prepare a New Year's table. It is possible to have an unforgettable New Year's Eve celebration. For this, the arrangement of the New Year's table is as important as the meals. However, do not forget that the element that makes the New Year's celebrations the most enjoyable is being together. In this direction, we, as winwin furniture, the address of stylish furniture in your home, have listed the tricks and steps of preparing an unforgettable Christmas table for you in this content.

How Should the New Year's Table Layout Be?

While there is little time left to enter a new year, you are undoubtedly dreaming of preparing a New Year's table that will impress your guests, equipped with delicious dishes and ornaments. We will talk about the steps of preparing a New Year's table in this subject in detail in the continuation of our content, but first of all, it is very important to set the New Year's table layout well, so that everyone can easily access food and drinks and feel comfortable at the table. Food and drinks at the New Year's table are more complicated than usual should be placed correctly to avoid an image.

  • Arrange food within easy reach of each guest. For example, you can place large foods such as turkey in the center of the table, making it easier for everyone to get them onto their serving plate.
  • You should put a dinner plate, serving plate, salad plate on the table for each guest.
  • Make sure that parts such as forks, spoons and knives are placed completely.
  • For each guest, place a glass of water and a drink at the level of their plates, from the upper right corner to the side.
  • When placing the plates, you should be careful not to be too close to each other, otherwise the arms of the people sitting at the table may bump and cause discomfort.

How to Prepare a New Year's Table?

Now that we're talking about the New Year's table setting, it's time to "how to prepare a flamboyant Christmas table?" to the question. Here are the tricks and steps for the Christmas dinner tables that you can prepare without exaggeration.

1. Choose a Spacious Christmas Table

How to prepare the New Year's table? If you think about it, the list of things that should be on the New Year's table is quite fluffy. Food, drinks, ornaments, candles, plates… Having a large table where you can place all these comfortably will save you from confusion and space constraints. If you are a large family, have plenty of guests or are thinking of buying a larger dining table, you can take a look at the dining tables of Winwin furniture. . Moreover, a large Christmas table is ideal and ergonomic not only for its table top appearance, but also for the comfort of those sitting at the table.

2. Choose the Christmas Table Cloth

If your New Year's table is clear, you can start the first stage of preparations by choosing a stylish Christmas tablecloth in suitable sizes for your table. Before choosing a Christmas tablecloth, you should define a concept for yourself. If you are going to use colorful dinnerware, you can choose the tablecloth in plain colors such as black or white. However, if you are planning to use a plain dinnerware, you can choose a patterned and colorful Christmas tablecloth as you wish. The tablecloth, in a sense, is the determinant of all other elements of the Christmas table setting. Therefore, it is useful to think about the concept in advance.

3. Place the Christmas Napkins

It is very important that every piece on the Christmas table is in harmony with each other. Therefore, you can continue the preparation by choosing Christmas napkins to match your tablecloth and dinnerware and placing them on the table. Do not forget to take care that the napkins are suitable for your concept and that they do not conflict with the tablecloth. For example, you can use the trendy colors of Christmas, red and green.

4. Use Narrow Serving Plates to Save Space

Since the Christmas tables will be filled with all kinds of food and drink, saving space will help prevent the messy look. If your table is not big enough, we can say that it is useful to choose relatively smaller serving plates. Apart from its dimensions, you should make sure that the serving plates are suitable for your New Year's concept for an elegant New Year's table.

5. Set the Christmas Table Tableware

Pieces such as forks, knives, glasses that you will use at the New Year's table should be compatible with each other and more ostentatious than those used in daily life. It is possible to create a rich look by placing all these pieces on the table as you planned beforehand.

6. Place a Pretty Christmas Flower on the Table

One of the nicest options to crown an elegant Christmas table is to place a poinsettia in the center of the table. It will be more pleasant if you prepare the flowers that will add an aesthetic touch to the New Year's tables in accordance with the New Year's concept.

7. Add Christmas Table Decorations

Of course, it is not possible to imagine a New Year's table without accessories that reflect the Christmas spirit. You can use not only flowers and candlesticks, but also different ornaments as you imagine.

8. Place Christmas Special Dishes on the Table

One of the most beautiful aspects of New Year's celebrations is the delicious meals you eat with your loved ones. If your carefully selected Christmas menu is ready, you can now place them on the table. New Year's tables are long-term tables. You should take care to keep the variety more so that your guests will wake up full and satisfied from this table where you have a pleasant time with plenty of conversation and plenty of taste for hours. Appetizers, olive oil dishes, turkey... It's up to you to enrich the table with your New Year's menu as you wish.

9. Don't Forget The Drinks

It is important that the drinks you serve to your guests on New Year's Eve are compatible with the food you prepare. E.g; Red meat and red wine, white meat and white wine are known to be the most compatible with each other. It is useful to keep the options varied for those who do not drink alcohol and those who will prefer different drinks.

10. Not Without Desserts

You have prepared the Christmas table perfectly. Finally, you can steal the hearts of those at the table with a delicious dessert that will sweeten the mouth. The trick to consider when choosing desserts is to turn to lighter desserts instead of heavy and syrupy desserts. This is important in order not to tire the stomach more, and for the guests to eat without difficulty, since heavy meals with lots of calories will be eaten anyway.

Make Your Loved Ones Smile at the New Year's Table…

While welcoming the new year with hope and love, the sweetest way to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones is to present them with Christmas gifts, albeit small ones. The New Year's table that you will set up with your loved ones is the architect of beautiful moments when everyone is together. Therefore, you can leave a meaningful memory that will be remembered by your guests for a lifetime by giving your Christmas gifts after the meals.

You can look for gifts for your loved ones from the accessory products of Winwin furniture.

I wish the new year brings goodness to you, your loved ones and the whole world... Happy new year...